May 26th, 2013

Our very own kilaMOMjaro from Praetoria Guard was featured in one of the promo videos in Xbox’s new branding campaign that looks to tell the stories behind the gamer tags. The video tells a inspirational story about how gaming has become a positive outlet for her autistic son, Gavin. The video shows how her son uses the Xbox to learn valuable problem-solving skills through the puzzles in games. KilaMOMjaro has been an active leader in the GGN since before its official creation and it’s great to see her share her story.



January 6th, 2013

On November 30th, 2012  Sword & Shield Gaming lost one of our own, SSG Rhys.  He was a Marine, a Knight, a Friend.

The passing was tragic and has had a lasting effect on SSG and the GGN as a whole.  But now SSG and the GGN are stronger, and closer than ever before.  The tribute video was comprised of members of SSG, PG, and the rest of the GGN.  Lots of love and effort when into this video tribute, and the result was nothing sort of breathtaking.  SSG has a memorial post if you would like to pass on condolences:  RIP: SSG Rhys.

As tragic as this event was much good has come in it’s wake: SSG Knights have grown closer with themselves and with other GGN members, friendships once lost have been restored, and now we are ever more vigilante to watch each others backs in times of need.  Be there for you friends, be there for your family, but most importantly be there for yourself.  And if you need help, don’t suffer in silence.  We are here to help.

November 8th, 2012

At Sword & Shield Gaming we call our home Camelot and we call our members Knights.  Every Monday night you can find a group of us playing Halo in which we’ve affectionately called Monday Knight Halo, or MKH.  After talking about the idea of having an SSG photo shoot, SSG iAmGrant brought up that he had the perfect spot for a photo; a forge made castle.

We all jumped on the idea and plans were made.  Ultimately only 9 Knights could be in attendance for the event, but as you can see 9 was crazy enough.  I can’t image of full party of 16…

Various poses, weapons, vehicles, and shenanigans were had throughout the night and I’d like to share with you some pictures of the event.

The setup involved placing multiples of each weapon and vehicle on the map for Knight to use.

While that may look like Spartan-052, it is our very own SSG Jettstream.  SSG Overlord and Canadian superstar.

So about the shenanigans… In case you were wondering, yes you can fly a UNSC Falcon with a mongoose (and two Spartans) on top.

This is how Spartans cliff dive into the ocean, no swimsuit required.

This is what happens when you place 12 ‘pro-pipes’ on the map.  Hat tip to TTL Hoovaloov for the pro-pipe moniker.

Sweet jumps!

SSG is getting ready to “jump” into Halo 4, as evident by our Halo: Reach send off a few weeks ago.  Of course if you are looking to get into the action with us, SSG is always hiring.


October 2nd, 2012


With a little over a month until Halo 4 launches SSG decided to give Halo: Reach a proper send off by playing a round-robin style tournament within Sword & Shield Gaming.  Gaming in Reach with SSG has dropped precipitously since launch, due to a number of factors. Give that fact we were not sure what the turn-out was going to be like, but the SSG Knights came through. We were able to field 16 players for 4 different teams. We setup a variety of tweaked maps and different games types to gives player a taste of everything.  We played CTF, Team Slayer, and Assault.


CTF has always been my favorite game type, as I love to play defense and guard the flag (shotgun in hand).  My teams first match of the night ended up being a CTF match on Blood Gultch, and we were able to pull off a win in the closing 60 seconds of the match.

As seen in our YouTube video

We structured the tournament so that every team would get to play every map/gametype combo, which worked out to playing each team twice.  A few people had to leave early but those spots were quickly filled by buddies off our friends list.

Every team did fantastic, and everyone made to the end.  There were no prizes, no winners, no losers, no awards.  This tournament was all about the love of the game and playing with friends.  Because after all; isn’t that what the GGN is all about?

SSG is hiring. For more news/info on Sword & Shield Gaming please visit

SSG Jayman

April 14th, 2012
Gaming By Grace

That is right! GBG came in 39th in the most recent Modern Warfare 3 Call of Duty Elite event!  Co-op Warriors – Highest Total Kills: Team Deathmatch

The Clan earned 1,000 XP and demonstrated the prowess of the mighty warriors of Gaming By Grace!

1 Rebel Gsus 562
2 TheXxI2oushyXx 515
3 Assassin GBG 502
4 Risen GBG 493
5 GridironGrace 431
6 EE Tw1sted 271

Total of 2,774 Kills and a Gold Emblem!

Congratulations and Thanks for all the hard work!

See our thread on the forums Congrat Clan Ops 4/10 to comment.
April 13th, 2012

Better late than never. Some confusion with blog logins caused some announcements to be missed. Many apologies for the long lapse of time between posts. Since the last update the GGN has added two members.


Gaming by Grace is a great community that was founded on October 31st, 2008. They have around 40 active members and are lead by TruthPastor.  GBG is a Christian based clan that describes themselves as “A dynamic and excited group of online gamers who desire to have a good time playing the games we play!” They were accepted as a member of the GGN in January 2012 and we are excited to have them here.


At the end of March Iron Fox was inducted in the GGN under the leadership of IFx DDay. They have been together for a little over 6 months since DDay left Tied The Leader to create a new community at what has come to be called Autumn Forge. They bring a great mix of competitive junkies striving for victory,and laid back gamers looking to have a good time. DDay is a game tournament guru who has hosted several tournaments and leagues and should bring more great events to the GGN.


August 14th, 2011

Friends, Romans, Countrymen…

Sorry. Had to.

The Good Game Network is excited to make official our affiliation with the Legion of Honor.


July 14th, 2011
Black Ops Bedlam!

The Halo 1v1 will be finished…..Season 2 of the CoD League will be starting the next week.. It will be time to start getting psyched for Black Ops so we’re going to have a GGN Black Ops party on Saturday night, August 6th! Be sure to mark your calenders, grab some beer, log into the TTL site, and pop in your Black Ops disk. We will be streaming as many of the games as we can and we will be doing a LIVE chat for the entire tourney. The bracket will be updated in real time and we will crown a Champion the same night..What more could you want? Oh yeah, the winner is going to get a $75 Visa gift card and the runner up will get a $25 gift card


June 23rd, 2011


Halo is all about teamwork. But what if you were alone? What if it was Spartan vs. Spartan? It’s time to seek the wolf in thy self. It was one year ago that Master Theory’s tlk cloud ran the gauntlet and defeated all foes en route to being crowned the inaugural Champion of the 2010 GGN 1 v 1 Tournament of Champions. Will he repeat in 2011 or will another Spartan from the GGN step up and grab the crown? Dust off that Mjolnir armor and get ready to represent your clan today!