October 2nd, 2012


With a little over a month until Halo 4 launches SSG decided to give Halo: Reach a proper send off by playing a round-robin style tournament within Sword & Shield Gaming.  Gaming in Reach with SSG has dropped precipitously since launch, due to a number of factors. Give that fact we were not sure what the turn-out was going to be like, but the SSG Knights came through. We were able to field 16 players for 4 different teams. We setup a variety of tweaked maps and different games types to gives player a taste of everything.  We played CTF, Team Slayer, and Assault.


CTF has always been my favorite game type, as I love to play defense and guard the flag (shotgun in hand).  My teams first match of the night ended up being a CTF match on Blood Gultch, and we were able to pull off a win in the closing 60 seconds of the match.

As seen in our YouTube video

We structured the tournament so that every team would get to play every map/gametype combo, which worked out to playing each team twice.  A few people had to leave early but those spots were quickly filled by buddies off our friends list.

Every team did fantastic, and everyone made to the end.  There were no prizes, no winners, no losers, no awards.  This tournament was all about the love of the game and playing with friends.  Because after all; isn’t that what the GGN is all about?

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SSG Jayman