November 8th, 2012

At Sword & Shield Gaming we call our home Camelot and we call our members Knights.  Every Monday night you can find a group of us playing Halo in which we’ve affectionately called Monday Knight Halo, or MKH.  After talking about the idea of having an SSG photo shoot, SSG iAmGrant brought up that he had the perfect spot for a photo; a forge made castle.

We all jumped on the idea and plans were made.  Ultimately only 9 Knights could be in attendance for the event, but as you can see 9 was crazy enough.  I can’t image of full party of 16…

Various poses, weapons, vehicles, and shenanigans were had throughout the night and I’d like to share with you some pictures of the event.

The setup involved placing multiples of each weapon and vehicle on the map for Knight to use.

While that may look like Spartan-052, it is our very own SSG Jettstream.  SSG Overlord and Canadian superstar.

So about the shenanigans… In case you were wondering, yes you can fly a UNSC Falcon with a mongoose (and two Spartans) on top.

This is how Spartans cliff dive into the ocean, no swimsuit required.

This is what happens when you place 12 ‘pro-pipes’ on the map.  Hat tip to TTL Hoovaloov for the pro-pipe moniker.

Sweet jumps!

SSG is getting ready to “jump” into Halo 4, as evident by our Halo: Reach send off a few weeks ago.  Of course if you are looking to get into the action with us, SSG is always hiring.