January 6th, 2013

On November 30th, 2012  Sword & Shield Gaming lost one of our own, SSG Rhys.  He was a Marine, a Knight, a Friend.

The passing was tragic and has had a lasting effect on SSG and the GGN as a whole.  But now SSG and the GGN are stronger, and closer than ever before.  The tribute video was comprised of members of SSG, PG, and the rest of the GGN.  Lots of love and effort when into this video tribute, and the result was nothing sort of breathtaking.  SSG has a memorial post if you would like to pass on condolences:  RIP: SSG Rhys.

As tragic as this event was much good has come in it’s wake: SSG Knights have grown closer with themselves and with other GGN members, friendships once lost have been restored, and now we are ever more vigilante to watch each others backs in times of need.  Be there for you friends, be there for your family, but most importantly be there for yourself.  And if you need help, don’t suffer in silence.  We are here to help.