The Good Game Network is an alliance of virtual entities that share a common approach to the playing of online video games.  Some of these imagined units call themselves clans.  Others regard themselves as communities.  All of them are unique teams competing for prestige and glory in the digital arenas enabled by Xbox Live.

The value system that defines each group is the same.  ‘Network Affiliates’ make their own expressed committment to uphold the notions of sportsmanship and respect for one’s opponents.  Through combined forces, we form a unified front – the first line of defense against a mob of hackers, cheaters, bullies, and griefers who seek to spoil our sport.  Honorable gamers find within our parties a harbor from the shenanigans that cheapen the pastime.

Our purpose is to promote longevity and friendship among distinguished entries in the player-driven clan system.  The games we play are a source of recreation, competition, and social interaction.  Clans rise and fall.  Rivalries come and go.  Through an affiliation with the Good Game Network, leaders of communities that they represent access one another to share best practices and keep the peace.

Together, we migrate from one game to the next.  Challenges are waged to create positive action for one another.  Grudges are diffused behind closed doors.  Collaborative recruitment finds homes for free-agents, and keeps active rosters stacked with engaged players.  News and information is consolidated and shared to fortify our position in the ever-changing game front.